Texas Department of Transportation Intercity Passenger Rail Survey of Higher Education Students

The Texas Department of Transportation is currently evaluating a range of passenger rail service options in an 850-mile corridor from Oklahoma City to South Texas. The system would likely be a combination of new and existing track, and operate at various speeds. By providing another travel option for Texans, it could potentially improve mobility between major cities in this already congested corridor. The project is in a very preliminary planning stage, and specific details (such as station locations, travel cost, schedules, etc.) are unknown. Rather, TxDOT is interested in gathering information that will help them (1) identify potential Intercity Passenger Rail market segments and (2) assess how Intercity Passenger Rail might be used, with regard to trip destinations, times of day, and trip purposes. TxDOT is very interested in investigating the potential use of Intercity Passenger Rail by students and employees of college and universities in the corridor. Information collected from students and employees (travel behavior and opinions about current and future travel options) will be combined with information about the college or university to help ensure that TxDOT fully understands how this unique population might use Intercity Passenger Rail in the future.

There are 43 questions in this survey.